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Spare parts for Chinese vehicles trade

Utilizing the large quality group of manufacturers and suppliers,Vadeo is dedicated to provide quality auto parts from China.


Auto parts
- Spare parts for Chinese vehicles(Chery,BYD,Great Wall,JAC).

- Transmission
- Covered front left
- Wing front right
- Bumper front
- Cooling radiators
- Radiator
- Headlights against the left
- Headlights against the right- hand
- Cylinder Head
- Headlamp left without a corrector
- Headlamp left with the corrector
- Headlamp right without the corrector
- Headlamp right with the corrector

- Brake disc
- Brake pads

and other any parts for Chinese vehicles.

Vadeo Advantages
- Focused and Professional - Vadeo is focused on automotive products.
- Excellent Service - Vadeo cares about customers, and therefore as customer you will not have troubles as in dealing with careless supplier and you can rest and enjoy seeing your customer with satisfied smile!
- Honesty and Honor Agreement in business practice C everybody says this, Vadeo wants to be serious and make it one of its selling point (we have to prove it with time). Vadeo believes that integrity is needed for long term business to gain trust from customer. Please refer to our Code of Conduct for more details.
- Fair Price - The price is reasonable (we do not believe in huge profit margin for long term business). We want to keep you to stay with us for fair price from the very 1st time.


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